Animal Reiki

Reiki for Animals has proven beneficial for many areas of your pet.

*Animal Reiki reduces stress - relaxes nervous pets / animals
*Helps emotional issues - creates a place of peace and safety
*Great for trauma - PTSD issues- rescues - lost & missing pets
*Long distance healing - In comfort of your home w/ no visitors intruding on pets
*Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals, ferals
*Natural and safe to use w/ any other treatments, Rx's, remedy's and protocols
*Reiki for Animals used by many vets and professional offices
*Reiki approved by VA for Veterans
*Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike!
*Works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system
*Animals are very accepting of Reiki because animals give Reiki

As a pet owner who uses Reiki on my own pets daily I would love to see your pet reaping the benefits as well. One session $25.00